Sometimes You Just Need A New Vision. Traditional ways of handling legal matters and offering quality business services eventually outgrows Your Client’s needs! This is where Visionary “VCM, LLC” becomes valuable to YOU and YOUR BOTTOM LINE!
Visionary has proudly served its clients for over 30 years with High Quality Work resulting in “tailored to you” Legal and Business Services that Equips The Individual; Small Business; and Corporations with Talent, Capability, and Results-Achieving Experience designed to overcome the challenges that routinely arise and overburden the advancement of Today’s Legal and Business Environments.

Visionary brings Informative Technology; Virtualization Utilities; Globally Fresh Perspectives and Passionate Resolve to Legal and Business Problems with Solutions made Simple that are Real, Attainable, Time-Sensitive and Affordable to Anyone.

The Mission of Visionary Consulting and Management, LLC is simple…If you can “VISION It…” We at Visionary will “Tailor It” to suit your needs!
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Thank you,
Sherry M. Gonzalez

What it is that my client want to share?

“As a state licensed private professional investigator and being a part of global investigations we were involved in a huge number of complex legal matters and situations. On one such occasion I reached out to Visionary Consulting and Management for guidance. Without missing a beat, Sherry stepped in and was able to provide the missing piece of the investigation of a high profile case.

Since our initial contact, I have known Sherry to be dependable, responsible, honest and courteous. She is the one of the hard working and most enthusiastic individual in the field today. Her ability to plan ahead of time and anticipate potential problems in a variety of situations is a talent that is greatly appreciated.

Several times she was able to provide innovative solutions and impressed my clients through her professionalism. Sherri is an enthusiastic leader who always maintains the highest level of pride and professionalism. With patience and an ability to explain and demonstrate strategy clearly, Sherry has been able to draw out an identify and the very best possible solutions for my clients. If high quality legal work and business training is what you are looking for, then look no further. Sherri and her staff at Visionary Consulting and Management, LLC can and will make it happen for you.

Sherry M. Gonzalez​

Multi-State Licensed Professional​

True advocacy creates change! Visionary hears you. We will help you achieve the change you seek through tried driven successful resources that get results!

Over the past 30 years as a legal executive, I have had the phenomenal opportunity to work with and nurture long- standing relationships with some of the most amazing law professionals; court systems; community legislators; corporations; business owners; wealth mentors; and community leaders.

My first passion is for folks to master their own destiny and experience universal success. Whatever the need; desire or dream may be, Visionary commits to you; hears you and Advocate with you!


Cases Won


Trusted Client


Dedicated Lawyer


Case Dismissed

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